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      MEMBERS OF THE CUV are:  

  • AGRICULTURAL COOPERATIVES (not specialized and specialized)
    (they don’t have specialized unions, like artistan, transportation, consumer ones, etc.)

On 03.08.2020 in the cooperative registry of the Cooperative union of Vojvodina the following were registered: 508 agricultural cooperatives and 36 other cooperatives.

Agricultural cooperatives contain an average of 23 members. Along with founders of a cooperative, the Law of Cooperatives and Rules of Cooperatives allow individual producers to become a legal member of a cooperative simply by submitting and sighing an application form.

It is estimated that there is a large average number of contract farmers in agricultural cooperatives, approximately 55, but this number varies significantly depending on many factors ( size of settlement, number of cooperatives in the inhabited place , service that the cooperative provides to its members, work efficiency, etc. ).

On the basis of incomplete data in the cooperative’s final calculus, it is estimated that agricultural cooperatives have an average of 6 employees, yet, cooperatives with continual cooperative activity (old cooperatives) have a larger than average number of employees, while new cooperatives have minimum labour (7 employees). In many new cooperatives there are virtually no employees , where as even the director doesn’t hold a permanent position and carries out his job either part-time or voluntarily.

For more detailed information on members of Cooperative union of Vojvodina, contact us by phone: 021 557 066; 021 557 491 and 021 557 492 or e-mail: officezsv@sbb.rs.